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Instilling Sacraments & Enlightening Faith In You

At St. Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church, we believe the seven sacraments are a fundamental part of the Catholic faith. The sacraments are Christ’s own gift that provide us with His grace and enable us to believe the truths of our faith, live according to His moral code, and grow in His gift of divine life. Much of what we believe is counter-cultural and calls each one of us into a special relationship with God. By choosing to follow Jesus, we choose to live our lives in a particular way. Guided by Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church, our pilgrimage is encouraged when we encounter faith together.

Adult Religious Education - Saint Mary Queen of Angels - Swartz Creek, MI

Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults (RCIA)

We welcome new adult members to join us through a process known as “RCIA,” which is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. From children to adults, everyone is allowed to participate in our parish community. During the weeks of instruction and preparation that are part of the RCIA process, the parish supports their entry into the Church, prays for them, and helps them understand Catholic prayer, worship, beliefs and teachings.

Is RCIA For Me?

The choice to follow Jesus is not always easy, but if you are asking the question, perhaps God is leading you to an answer. When you encompass the fullness of Christianity, we believe you experience a joy you have never felt before. We study the Scriptures, discuss Catholic teaching, and most importantly, get a true, good and honest idea about what the Catholic Church is really all about. Our church invites you to come and learn about our Christian lifestyle through worship, preaching, sacraments, teaching and more.

How Do I Join RCIA?

RCIA offers an opportunity to see what the Catholic Church believes, how we live our faith and how God can change your life. If you decide it isn’t for you, no worries. Each of us chooses our own path in life. By coming to an RCIA meeting, you’re not making a commitment to join the Church, but rather taking time to explore and have your questions answered. In the RCIA process, we are always welcoming those looking for answers. Preparation for those seeking reception into the Catholic Church can begin at any time.
If you or someone you know would like to become a part of the Catholic Church,
Please call Val Standley at 810-635-3240 x216 or email vstandley@smqa.net
Matrimony Prep - Swartz Creek, MI

Marriage Prep

St. Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church believes in the lifelong and irrevocable union of a man and a woman.

The necessity of such a union is apparent, since it is essential not only that children be born but that they be lovingly reared and cared for by the father and mother who bring them into the world. Our juvenile courts and mental hospitals bear daily witness to the evils that follow when the unity and permanence of marriage are forgotten.

In an effort to strengthen married life, the seven dioceses of Michigan have adopted a policy for wedding preparation which includes, making arrangements at least nine months in advance. For more information contact Val Standley@ 810-635-3240 x216 or vstandley@smqa.net.

Matrimony Process

In the sacrament of Matrimony, the couple administers the sacrament to each other with the priest as witness. Specific dates and times cannot be discussed until the couple meet with a parish priest to determine eligibility and the necessary time for preparation. Those seeking the sacrament of Matrimony who have previously married in another Christian denomination or civil ceremony should schedule an appointment with a parish priest to determine eligibility.
For more information on making marriage arrangements with the Church,
Please call Val Standley at 810-635-3240 x216 or email vstandley@smqa.net
Baptism - Swartz Creek, MI

Baptismal Prep

At St. Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church, we believe baptism makes us beloved children of God. It cleanses us from sin, while giving us the grace to follow Christ and His church.

Why Should I Be Baptized?

Christ meets us in baptism as His means to bring us into the family of God and to confirm and strengthen our graces for the Christian life.

How Do I Prepare for Baptism?

When preparing for baptism, it is important you are preparing your heart, not your appearance. Ask yourself if you are freely taking control of your life, not being coerced or persuaded by others. Be sure that this is truly your own choice and desire and that you, as an individual, are ready to let Jesus Christ be the Lord of your life.

Please call the Parish Office at 810-635-3240 to arrange for instruction, as this must be done before we can schedule a date for the baptism.

For more information about the history of baptism, please watch this video from Ascension Press:

Preparation for Infant Baptism should be scheduled 3 months prior.
Please call Val Standley at 810-635-3240 x216 or email vstandley@smqa.net
Elementary Religious Education - Saint Mary Queen of Angels - Swartz Creek, MI

Religious Education (Elementary)

Here at St. Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church, we take educating our youth very seriously. We offer religious education for children of all ages.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)

CGS is a common religious experience involving children and adults in which the religious values of childhood, primarily those values of contemplation and enjoyment of God, are predominant. It is based on the Montessori approach, where learning involves the senses. We utilize an Atrium, where we seek to establish a sacred, “hands-on” space for children. Level 1 is for children ages three to six. The Level 2 Atrium is for six to nine year olds and Level 3 is for children ages nine to twelve. Together the children and the catechists can hear, ponder, and celebrate the most essential mysteries of the Christian faith as revealed in the scriptures and the liturgy. The children are taught using materials they can touch and work with like the Infancy figures, topographical maps of important places of Jesus’ life and child-sized articles of the Mass. These sensorial materials in specially prepared environments help them contemplate, discover and explore the real life, closeness of Jesus and enter into the full life of the Church.

Children in 2nd Grade and above may be eligible to enter preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
For more information, please call Val Standley at 810-635-3240 x216 or email vstandley@smqa.net

Middle School Ministries - Swartz Creek, MI

Middle School Ministry & Youth

The Middle School Ministry & Youth program is modeled after a Youth Group Format with group activities and Catholic teaching. The Middle School Ministry is for students and children in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

To register for CGS or Middle School Ministry, please contact the Parish Office or Val Standley at 810-635-3240 x216 or email vstandley@smqa.net
For more information about religious education or baptism, contact us at 810-635-3240 today!
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